Intersperse, 2018


Solo Exhibition – 2018

May Roded

“Why does a person become attached to objects? Why does he wish they would never change and could always keep him company?…Our physical surroundings bear our and others’ imprint. Our home- furniture and it’s arrangement, room décor – recalls family and friends whom we see frequently within this framework.”

-Maurice Halbwachs, “Space and the Collective Memory”, 1925

In exploring my thoughts of my parents abrupt move to Israel I found myself spending time with family photographs that were imprints of the home I grew up in. In these photographs, that carry details of my home and childhood, I create a soft focus of these moments that are dear to me and my family. Simple material objects carried meaning only once they were gone from my daily routine. Memories began to overlap and become misplaced or scattered through my thought processes.

These pieces are an exploration of my childhood memories and objects that were constant in my life until my parents moved.