7th and Santiago etching

Obscurity. Multi block relief print. 2018


monstera reduction lino bleed
Monstera Study. Reduction Lino. 2018.


Living Room trace monotype
Living Room. Trace Monotype. 2017.
Flower Crown Litho and cyanotype.jpg
Flower Crown. Lithograph and Cyanotype. 2017
Adorn. Reduction cut Linoleum. 2017
Me and Ema screenprint
Me and Ema. Screenprint. 2016.
All of us screenprint
All of us. Screenprint. 2016.


Family photo album
Family Photo Album. Screenprint Accordion Book. 2016.
Memory 1 scan
Memory 1. Cyanotype with Screenprint. 2016.
Saba with two boys cyanotye with monotype
Saba with Two Boys. Cyanotype with Monotype. 2016.
Monstera Deliceiosa etching
Monstera Deliciosa. Etching with Aquatint. 2018.
Monotype 1
Abandoned House. Monotype. 2015.
The Nile River screenprint
Nile River. Screenprint. 2016
This Is Real screenprint
This is Real/ Is this Real. Screenprint. 2016.



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