Shift Lithograph

“Shift” 2018

Umbra lithograph

“Umbra” 2018

Papaver Lithograph 2018

“Papaver Somniferum” 2018

Grow lithograph with sharpography

“Grow” LIthograph with Sharpography 2018

6563 Bayberry St. with Cyanotype

“6563 Bayberry St.” Lithograph with cyanotype 2017

Intersperse lithograph

“intersperse” 2017

Living Room Litho

“Living Room” 2017

Reinstate lithograph

“Reinstate” 2017

Recur lithograph

“Recur” 2017

Togther Apart Color

“Together Apart” Lithograph with sharpography 2016

Eminent Domain

“Eminent Domain” 2015


Pothos Etching 2019

“Pothos” 2019

Two Plants - Etching 2019

“Two” 2019

Monstera Deliceiosa etching

Monstera Deliciosa. Etching with Aquatint. 2018.

7th and Santiago etching



Obscurity. Multi block relief print. 2018

monstera reduction lino bleed

Monstera Study. Reduction Lino. 2018.


Ghost Monotype 2019

Monotype 1

Living Room trace monotype

Living Room. Trace Monotype. 2017.

Flower Crown Litho and cyanotype.jpg

Flower Crown. Lithograph and Cyanotype. 2017


Adorn. Reduction cut Linoleum. 2017


Me and Ema screenprint

Me and Ema. Screenprint. 2016.

All of us screenprint

All of us. Screenprint. 2016.

Family photo album

Family Photo Album. Screenprint Accordion Book. 2016.

Memory 1 scan

Memory 1. Cyanotype with Screenprint. 2016.

Saba with two boys cyanotye with monotype

Saba with Two Boys. Cyanotype with Monotype. 2016.

Abandoned House. Monotype. 2015.

The Nile River screenprint

Nile River. Screenprint. 2016