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The exploration of an individual’s influence on memory recall and the process of memory recollection are curious to me. Memories are malleable, and can be accompanied by thoughts that were assumed forgotten, and sometimes there is a chance for unexpected additions. A memory can be triggered through a specific sound or space, but can be altered depending on the circumstance. I express a deep longing to remember and piece together the precious moments. 

My work explores these themes of time, memory, and the thoughts that linger in between. Using a balance of positive and negative elements strung together through patterns and space, thoughts are able to flow and convene into one moment. Photographs that come out of my family’s photo albums, memories I record through my personal documentation, and drawings made from observation are all a part of constructing the image. 

When I travel, I am compelled to document moments that I find beautiful and interesting, or want to be reminded of. When I look through photographs I captured, I am transported back to the scene I saw in front of me, and am able to relive it. Sometimes the photos are of places that I am familiar with, and sometimes they are simply objects or people that I was compelled to freeze in time so that I may revisit when I please.

Being a printmaker, my prints utilize analog and traditional techniques. Through combining cyanotypes and hand drawn images, I piece together moments of quick intuition and long thought out meaning. 




May Roded is a first generation Israeli-American practicing printmaker and photographer who lives in Long Beach, CA.  In 2017 May received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Printmaking at California State University, Long Beach. She currently teaches Introduction to Drawing & Printmaking at Loyola Marymount University and teaching printmaking workshops at Josephine Press in Santa Monica, CA. May has shown internationally in Berlin, Florence, and Israel. Recent exhibitions include “BASIS” at Abstruce Gallery, in Huntington Beach and “Big Small Show” at Flux Art Space, in Long Beach.

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