May Roded is a first generation Israeli-American practicing printmaker and photographer who lives in Long Beach, CA. In 2017 May received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Printmaking at California State University, Long Beach. May works with her personal photographs to reinterpret memories in in traditional methods. Almost all of her imagery comes from her personal collection of 35mm photographs or personal family albums that have been passed down from her grandfathers generation.

Photography, or at least the permanence of memory through use of photographs, descriptive notes, or drawings are extremely important to May and are vital to her practice. Recently, half of her family decided to move across the world, back to their homeland of Israel. Because of this abrupt experience, she has had to face her independence in a degree that she was not expecting, and in this period of time it drew a lot of inspiration from her family’s departure.

In the furniture memory series of lithographs, May illustrates objects which hold personal associations to family. Furniture objects sit in a floating composition, leading the viewer to focus on the details and bring forth their own interpretation and associations of the piece. In this series May offers a personal insight into objects that have strong memories and feelings attached, which offer comfort and a sense of security. To quote Maurice Halbwachs in an article titled “Space and Collective Memory” Halbwachs states “…mental equilibrium was, first and foremost, due to the fact that the physical objects of our daily contact change little or not at all, providing us with an image of permanence and stability.…”

May’s most recent work focuses on plant and flower based incorporated imagery with a hidden theme of memory.

Individuals worlds are built through their personal experiences and associations compiled within their memories and every day life. May seeks to explore these memories through means of interpreting thoughts onto paper with printmaking techniques.

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Contact: may.roded@gmail.com